Kidys Food Products Pvt. Ltd.

Shipping Policy

Safe Online Ordering

Security is a priority at and we make every effort to ensure that our transaction process is safe and that your personal information is secure

Do Not Share Personal Information will never e-mail or call you to ask you to disclose or verify your password, credit card or bank-account number, or any other personal information. If you are contacted or receive an unsolicited e-mail which asks you any of this information, disregard the request and report the incident to for investigation

Identify False (Spoof or Phishing) E-mails

If you receive an e-mail asking you for personal information or directing you to a site other than, or asking you to pay outside of instructions received in the confirmation email, it could be a spoof or phishing e-mail and should be considered as fraudulent
If you click though on a phishing e-mail and are taken to a page looking like My Account or anything that asks you to verify or change your personal details, you should consider it as fraudulent.

Protect your Password

Passwords are case sensitive and must be a minimum of six characters. Adding numbers or special characters will make it more difficult for others to guess.
If you are using a public computer (e.g. library, Internet cafe), always log out when you’ve finished using