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General Technical Help

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2 Website slow/won’t connect?

3 Can’t view pages?

4 Parental software

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If you are facing technical difficulties using our site, please find troubleshooting tips below for the following scenarios…

Can’t log in?

Your browser may have been logged out of our system between visits as there is a 15-minute time limit in which you can view it without having to login again.
Also, some browsers can be set to refuse cookies, and you may wish to check your system to see whether you are running any cookie management programs.

Website slow/won’t connect?

Try reloading or refreshing the page. If the website is taking a long time, or if a webpage loads halfway, or even if it loads for a long, long time, often simply clicking the Stop button at the top of your browser and then clicking Reload or Refresh solves the issue.
Try clearing your history. Most website browsers temporarily store a local copy of every webpage you visit on the website. Clearing your cache deletes all of those files and makes room for new ones. Go to the Cache or Temporary Internet Files option on your website browser and delete the files stored in your cache.
If you still encounter difficulty, you may need to upgrade your browser or contact your Internet Service Provider directly for further assistance.

Can’t view pages?

Try refreshing the page by going to the top of your browser and clicking the two circling arrow buttons to refresh the page you are looking at. If this does not fix the issue, it may be that cookie management or file utility software is causing the difficulty. Your web browser must be set to accept Cookies from our website in order to complete a purchase and take advantage of essential website features, such as storing items in your Shopping Basket or receiving personalised recommendations.
If you are using Internet Explorer, you will want to choose the drop-down menu entitled View, then visit Internet Options… Choose the Advanced tab and scroll down to Cookies. Fill in the Always Accept Cookies radio button. This should enable your browser to accept cookies.
On Mozilla Firefox the path is >>Tools>>Options>>Cookies>> Allow sites to set cookies.
On Google Chrome the path is >>Options>>Under The Hood>>Content Settings>>Cookies>>>>Allow local data to be set.

Parental software?

If you are using any type of parental control software, or if your Internet Service Provider has such controls active on your account, please be sure that these functions are disabled.

Shopping basket empty?

Please be aware that the Shopping Basket is a temporary place to store a list of items. Our catalogue is constantly changing, so items that have been in your Shopping Basket for a long time might no longer be available. To avoid this, your Shopping Basket will expire 90 days after the last time you add or delete an item or simply view the contents of your basket. In a few instances, disappearances may result from software changes made on our website.

If reloading/refreshing browser does not help

It is recommended that you clear (or purge) your page history on a regular basis. While a healthy history can speed up your Web surfing, you might start to experience slowness when the history begins to fill up. You may also want to consider upgrading to a newer version of your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla). You should visit the homepage of your browser website to check if any updates are available. You can find directions on how to do this in most cases by clicking Help at the top of your browser window.

Shopping basket missing

If you are unable to find the Add to Shopping Basket button on the detail page of an item, first make sure that the item is not listed as Out of Stock. If the item is listed as We are currently unable to offer this title you will not be able to order the item from
If he item is listed as available and you are unable to find the Add to Shopping Basket button, it’s possible that your browser is not downloading the image of the Shopping Basket button. Check your browser’s preferences to ensure the settings allow the downloading of image files.

Account not recognised?

If you encountered problems while logging into your account or during checkout You may be able to temporarily correct the problem by disabling Javascript in Internet Explorer by following these instructions: Choose Tools/Internet Options from the IE menu. Click on the Security tab and select Internet in the Web content zone box. Then click on Custom level to reveal the Security Settings. Scroll to Scripting toward the bottom of the list and set the Active Scripting choice to Disabled .

Missing buttons?

If you are unable to view an image or button, it’s possible that your browser is not downloading the image or button. Check your browser’s preferences to ensure the settings allow the downloading of image files.

Need more help

If you are still having difficulty using our website, you can contact us directly.