About Us

“Formerly known as KIDYS FOOD PRODUCTS, since 1996, KIDYS FOOD PRODUCTS PVT. LTD. has grown with a motto of providing healthy and premium range of bakery products to our customers.”
With more than 25 years of experience in baking Egg-less bakery products, Kidys has been a name that you can trust.

100% Hygenic

Baked Freshly

Made with Purified water

Premium Quality



Kidys baked its first cookies in 1996. We began with about 15 products including Cookies, Cakes, and Rusks. By 2005 Kidys Food Products Pvt. Ltd. has become amongst one of the top brands providing a diverse range of Egg-less products available across whole North India in close to more than 5000 retail outlets. In 2010 we have started exporting our bakery products in Canada. By 2013, Kidys international footprints includeCanada, Dubai, and other neighboring countries .

Kidys is the first bakery to have an automatic computerized machine pioneer in manufacturing 100% Egg-less cookies.We have trained the workforce to produce high quality products under close supervision in strict hygienic conditions. We have received some globally recognized certifications
(FSSAI: 10018051002639, ISO: 220001).

The internal quality system ensure that the products are made as per International Food Standards.

To provide products of the highest possible standards to satisfy our customer taste and expectations of quality. Our commitment is to provide healthy and tasty bakery products to every household in India.

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To provide a diverse range of healthy and eggless bakery products. To provide a friendly working environment for the employees to provide growth opportunities to distributors, retailers, suppliers, sales, etc. To deliver eggless bakery products at affordable prices at as many locations as possible.


We make great efforts to achieve our customer’s satisfaction by providing them with the finest, good quality 100% eggless bakery products at reasonable prices.

" Since 1996, Kidys has been serving its consumers with the perfect source to provide the best snacks which comes alongwith several health benefits "